Cash back on BR24 Broadband Radar

Navico offers $400 incentive from April through to July

Cash back on BR24 Broadband Radar
Cash back on BR24 Broadband Radar

Retail customers who purchase a Simrad or Lowrance BR24 Broadband Radar from April through July will receive $400 cash back, said Navico.

The BR24 is the world’s first recreational marine Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radome, designed for use with Simrad NX / NSE Series multifunction displays, Glass Bridge integrated helm stations, and Lowrance High-Definition System (HDS).

The BR24 Broadband Radar is said to combine straightforward installation, flexible antenna placement, and low power draw. It boats resolution to less than 3m, and eliminates close-in vessel blind spot (main bang), resulting in crystal-clear, highly-detailed intuitive views of surroundings to a 1/32 nautical mile range scale.

The new radome transmits at 1/20,000th the power of traditional radar, which is said to be less than 1/10th the energy of a mobile phone. It is said to emit no harmful radiation outside the dome, allowing for flexible installation.

Other features include advanced clutter rejection that virtually eliminates tuning; rapid cold start and InstantOn™ from standby; and 30-50 per cent greater efficiency in terms of power consumption compared to traditional pulse radomes.

The technology has won numerous international awards since its release in 2009. It was also recently named ‘Best of the Year’ in an awards program conducted by US magazine MotorBoating.

The BR24 Broadband Radar cash back offer is available only on products purchased through authorised Australian retailers.

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