New boats - Signature 543RF (Runabout Fisher)

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Latest model from The Haines Group is a dedicated fishing platform

New boats - Signature 543RF (Runabout Fisher)
New boats — Signature 543RF (Runabout Fisher)

The Signature 543RF (Runabout Fisher) is the latest model from the Haines Group. It was first displayed at the Brisbane Tinnie and Tackle show in March and has been described as a purpose-built fishing boat.

The RF series has been a popular model, according to the Haines Group, because of its fishing focus. It is said to have extra workspace in the deck area, loads of storage, and a walkthrough to the bow and anchor. It also has a higher-set windscreen for additional protection from the elements.

Sharp-eyed fishos will notice that from the gunwale down the 543RF uses the same hull-design shared with the 542RF and the 540F. The major differences, according to the Haines Group, are the redesigned areas above and inside the gunwale. "The 543RF has all the Signature hallmarks with everything being perfectly positioned and there being a place for all your gear so you are not tripping over it," said the company.

Selected features on the 543RF include large volume stowage boxes in the bow, increased freeboard, toeholds under the side-boxes, a modern dash that accommodates up to 12in screen electronics, a lockable glovebox / icebox, a full flat floor with stowage, integrated tackle boxes, and much more.

All Signatures come with a five year structural warranty and two year warranty on parts.

The Signature 543RF is currently in production and can be ordered at local Signature dealers. Visit for more information.


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