Sea Jay releases 5.6 Striker model

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Spacious console model the latest addition to Sea Jay’s Plate Xtreme series

Sea Jay releases 5.6 Striker model
Sea Jay releases new 5.6 Striker model

Bundaberg-based aluminium boatbuilder Sea Jay boats has released the latest addition to its Plate Xtreme series, the 5.6m Striker console boat.

Sea Jay said a striking difference on this boat compared to the company’s recently released 5.6m Preda-King is the fact that it incorporates sleek, sweeping gunwales, also found on Sea Jay’s 6.8m hulls. It also has two presses in the side-sheets for extra style and rigidity.

The boat console is smaller and is situated towards the stern of the boat to maximise deck space. This means there’s room for a huge fishing platform, or simply an area for rolling out the swag for an overnight trip. In the step up floor there are not one but two underfloor dry-storage cavities, one of which is large enough to stow a 120lt Esky.

Seating is in the form of two-part upholstered seats on removable pedestals. Six sockets have been fitted to provide greater flexibility in seating positions.

A 200lt fuel tank has been squeezed under the floor. As with all Plate Xtreme models, it’s housed in a separate cavity to prevent fuel (or fumes) escaping into the bilge in the event of fuel spillage. A full set of options can be fitted at the factory.

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