Suzuki launches new service school

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The Haines Group to train technicians in revamped service classes

Suzuki launches new service school
Suzuki launches new service school

Suzuki Marine recently launched its newly refreshed service school, now located at The Haines Group’s refurbished facility in Wacol, Brisbane. The two-day workshop operates 25 times a year, and provides dealership technicians with the opportunity to train and familiarise themselves with new Suzuki products.

This new approach to training has reduced class sizes from 18 to just 6 technicians, which according to Suzuki ensures all attending make maximum use of the latest diagnostic equipment, and easily acquire the skills necessary to perform first class servicing on all Suzuki outboards.

"Like all engines, an outboard needs care and maintenance to continue to operate correctly," said Chris Guppy, national service manager, Haines Suzuki Marine. "Therefore, we at Suzuki place great emphasis on having skilled and trained technicians in dealerships throughout Australia and New Zealand so that the owner of every outboard can be reassured that the knowledge and experience from the factory is absorbed by local dealers," he said.

"Our technicians are educated and product savvy, so the benefit to the end consumer is great."

The two-day program consists of an intensive product training session, on both new and previous models, combined with hands on practical work where complete engines are dismantled and diagnosed.

"It’s a great opportunity to really learn the intricate details of these engines," added David Shedden, Suzuki technician, Leisure Sports Marine. "We are always looking to refresh our skills, and this is a great way to do it".

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