A new beginning...

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Origin Boats details new 2010 range

A new beginning...
A new beginning…

Aluminium boatbuilder Origin Boats, located in Clontarf, in Brisbane’s Northside, has released a new range of plate-alloy boats aimed at fishermen, adventurers, and boating families.

Origin says its founders have been involved in the marine industry for decades, while its chief designer and builder, Col Svensson, is one of the most experienced alloy-boat designers/builders in Australia, according to Origin.

The following four boat styles are on offer as part of the 2010 range.

The Origin Evolution — a 23° deadrise water-ballast and offshore fishing boat available as a 6000, 6500, 7000 and 7500.

The Origin Axis — a 16-18° deadrise all-rounder that can be customised for family, fishing, cruising or commercial requirements. Its size ranges from a 5000 to an 8000.

The Origin Genesis — a new range of positive buoyancy boats designed and tested in New Zealand. These boats have surrounding buoyancy chambers and a 20-23° deadrise as well as water ballast tanks, available as a 5000, 6200 and 6600.

The Origin 4 x 4 — a full-plate, selfdraining tinny with a wide range of options to suit various requirements. It is available as a 4000 and a 4600.

Origin Boats also manufactures trailers made from 5083 H321 marine grade alloy-plate. Commercial vessels built to survey are also available.

Visit www.originboats.com.au for more information.

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