Mercury sells out of V8 1350 sterndrives

Competitive skiracers snap up $200,000 monster engine

Mercury sells out of V8 1350 sterndrives
Mercury sells out of V8 1350 sterndrives

Mercury said demand for its most powerful engine ever released, its new nine-litre, twin-turbo, quad-cam V8 1350 sterndrive, has outstripped supply, with 2010 stocks already selling out in Australia.

"When Mercury Racing released the new 1350 earlier this year we never expected to see the level of demand we have," said Guy Williamson, Mercury’s director of service and quality.

"The engines are breath-takingly good but they sell for approximately $200,000 so we thought they might sit on the shelves for a little bit, but they have been snapped up," he said.

The engines have all been bought by people involved in competitive skiracing, said Mercury. They are said to cope with 35 per cent more power than Mercury Marine’s No. 6 drive, and Mercury Racing’s engineers also incorporated a pulse-tuned exhaust system. This is said to be the first time this has ever been implemented in a four-stroke.

"The 1350 redlines at 6500rpm and you won’t believe the control the designers have achieved," added Williamson.

"The engines have been designed to outperform everything else out there. That’s been clearly recognised by people who know their engines, and that’s why we’ve sold out," he said.

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