Spy Boats launches centre-mount XS22

New ski/wake crossover boat to be unveiled at Melbourne Boat Show

Spy Boats launches centre-mount XS22
Spy Boats launches centre-mount XS22

Spy Boats said it will launch its much awaited centre-mount XS22 at the upcoming Melbourne Boat Show, from July 1-5, 2010.

The Spy XS22 is the fifth boat in the Spy range and has been described by the company as a "true cross-over ski and wakeboat". It has been designed and built entirely in Australia using CAD technology, and along with the award-winning Spy RX22, is said to be built to the highest quality and performance standards.

The XS22 can carry 11 adults with storage for skis, wak and kneeboards. The driver’s side has an ergonomically-designed interior that includes a custom driver’s seat with flip up bolster, 5in Faria gauges, padded enginebox, LED interior lights, huge front and rear ski locker, tilt steering, glass crosscurve windscreen, drinkholders, and numerous driver aids.

According to Peter Webb from Spy Boats, the XS22 centre-mount has been in the pipeline since the brand’s inception three years ago.

"When we first launched Spy Boats our desire was to produce a select range of boats that readily fitted into the Australian sportsboat market and then expand according to consumer demand," he said.

"Consequently, the TS21 and XS21 were developed as fun centre-mount boats that are primarily attuned to waterskiing, and are priced to enable families to easily enjoy the sportsboating experience. The larger RX22 and RS22 have been built as true waterski and wakeboard cross-over boats, utilizing the best rear-mount technology available.

"Following feedback from our customers, we decided to fast track the XS22 centre-mount project and I’m thrilled that we now have a boat that delivers a tournament flat slalom-wake to keep skiers and barefooters happy, but when driven at wakeboarding speed, it boasts a wake to match any top-line wakeboat."

"The XS22 is a great family performance skiboat that we are all very proud of," added Webb.

The Spy Boats dealer network includes Blakes Marine (NSW), Broadwater Boating Centre (Qld), PSA Skiboats (WA) and Performance Marine (Victoria, SA and Tas).

Visit www.spyboats.com.au or call (03) 9465 4555 for more information.

PHOTO: An early shot of the new Spy TS22, a center-mount tournament model and sister boat to the XS22. The tower is currently under development.

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