Lyman boosts Axis arsenal

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US wakeboarding legend joins Axis Wake Research Pro Factory Team

Lyman boosts Axis arsenal
Lyman boosts Axis arsenal

Wakeboat boat manufacturer Axis Wake Research is continuing to make waves in the US after the company recently signed free-riding wakeboard legend Keith Lyman to the Axis Wake Research Pro Factory Team.

Showcasing his renowned unique style here behind the latest Axis boat, the A22, the down-to-earth Lyman was thrilled to be a part of the Axis line-up. "I believe in the company, everything from the way its boats are built to its moral stance within our industry," he said.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of Axis Down Under, too — though developed in the US, a partnership agreement is also seeing them produced locally, through Albury-based Malibu Boats Australia. For more information call (02) 6040 1174 or visit

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