SeaCheck for safety

SeaTow boat assistance now offering on-site boat inspections

SeaCheck for safety
SeaCheck for safety

SeaTow is a 24-hour boat assistance fleet that operates in selected New South Wales and Queensland waters. The company recently added boat inspections — called SeaCheck — to its range of services.

As the name suggests, SeaCheck is an expert boat inspection service, whereby SeaTow’s trained personnel attempt to pick up any potential issues that may affect a boat’s safety or performance.

There are two levels of SeaCheck. The Standard check examines all visual features including the hull and mooring lines, and also involves checking the batteries and/or shore power, as well as ensuring the bilges and dry spaces are in working order. An upgrade to the Guardian check includes mechanical and operational checks whereby the engines and generators are run, and all working parts inspected.

SeaCheck is a one-off visit and no contracts are involved. SeaTow says it’s an ideal way to have a trained third party look over a potential purchase, or just to put your mind at ease before an outing after a long break.

Call (02) 9181 3777 or visit for more information.

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