Telwater broadens its range

Ally Craft aluminium boats now part of Telwater stable

Telwater broadens its range
Telwater buys Ally Craft

Telwater — the company behind brands such as Quintrex, Stacer, Yellowfin, Savage and Archer — has added yet another well known name to its stable, after recently acquiring Gold Coast-based aluminium boat builder, Ally Craft.

In a statement released at the end of June, Telwater general manager, Tim Atkins, said his firm had no plans to continue production of Ally Craft boats, and that interviews would be offered to Ally Craft’s 30 staff. "We hope to provide opportunities for those who wish to continue in the industry by offering interviews to existing Ally Craft staff members and receiving expressions of interest from existing dealers," the release states.

"We would like to commend Murray and Iris Cox on their long-serving commitment to the marine industry; they have provided quality Australian-made aluminium boats and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours," the release continues.

Murray and Iris Cox, who previously owned Ally Craft, have issued a statement announcing their retirement and their ongoing commitment to filling existing orders. "We are committed to finishing off ordered boats that are in production and expect to have these finished within three to four weeks," states the release.

According to, a spokeperson for Telwater has said the company was not in a position to provide warranty, spare parts or service support for Ally Craft boats, and that any of these matters would be addressed at a dealer level.

According to, the deal reportedly involved the sale of Ally Craft’s company name and equipment, but not its Arundel-based factories.

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