New world record set at Sydney International Boat Show

415 lifejackets inflated simultaneously at opening ceremony

New world record set at Sydney International Boat Show
New world record set at Sydney International Boat Show

Round-the-world sailor Jessica Watson, NSW Ports and Waterways Minister Paul McLeay, and much of the boating industry set a provisional world record on Friday when 415 lifejackets were inflated simultaneously in one location.

The exercise, which was held during the opening ceremony of the recent Sydney International Boat Show, was conducted so as to draw attention to the importance of lifejackets.

"The previous record had been set in North America on 20 May this year by 86 people in Columbus Ohio simultaneously inflating their lifejackets," McLeay said.

"We’ll be submitting our result of 415 people to the National Safe Boating Council for ratification.

McLeay said the exercise was more than just a "feel-good" end to the Boat Show’s annual breakfast function because it served to highlight important safety messages about lifejackets.

"A lifejacket can’t save your life unless you’re wearing it and this is a fun way to promote the ‘Wear It!’ message," he said.

"It’s also important that people are familiar with their lifejacket’s functionality. The first time you ever try to inflate a lifejacket shouldn’t be when you’re in an emergency.

"New rules being introduced on November 1 this year will require children under 12 years and boaters in heightened risk situations to wear lifejackets."

The event was part of the "Wear It!" lifejacket awareness campaign. Visit for more information.

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