New fuel-efficient Suzuki DF300 outboard

Suzuki's new flagship engine is 15 per cent more efficient than its predecessor

New fuel-efficient Suzuki DF300 outboard
New fuel-efficient Suzuki DF300 outboard

Suzuki claims that tests of its new DF300 outboard show an improvement in fuel economy of 15 per cent, without any sacrifice in power. The 4028cc V6 four-stroke, the flagship of Suzuki’s outboard range, is said to achieve this through the addition of its Lean Burn Control technology and a new O2 Feedback Control System. Throw in the precisely metered flow of fuel and air courtesy of the Suzuki Precision Control system — a feature already employed in the old DF300 — and the engine boasts numerous benefits for the environment and your hip pocket, all while maintaining the model’s hefty 300hp output.

The Lean Burn Control System effectively predicts fuel requirements based on operating conditions, allowing the engine to run a more efficient air/fuel mixture. The system has already been used to good effect in Suzuki’s DF90/80/70 outboards, but this is the first time it’s graced the range-topping DF300.

The O2 Sensor Feedback Control System ensures the DF300’s emissions are cleaner and more stable. The DF300 is actually the first Suzuki outboard to be fitted with such a sensor, which monitors the levels of oxygen in the exhaust emissions and continuously adjusts the air/fuel ratio accordingly.

Other innovations include the use of a water-detecting fuel filter. This alerts the operator to the presence of water in the fuel via a digital display and a warning buzzer.

According to Greg Haines, of Haines Suzuki Marine, the new DF300 is proof of Suzuki’s commitment to the evolution of the outboard. "Suzuki engineers are always striving for perfection, so with this new technology we have made our flagship engine even better," he said. "Once again, Suzuki’s technology is set to give our four-strokes the edge when it comes to fuel efficiency and clean, environmentally friendly operation without sacrificing performance," he added. Visit for more information.

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