Sealegs available with AWD traction

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New Zealand-made amphibious boats now allow for optional extra traction

Sealegs available with AWD traction
Sealegs available with AWD traction

New Zealand-made Sealegs amphibious craft have been upgraded to incorporate optional All Wheel Drive (AWD) land propulsion.

The new option is said to allow the craft to scale steeper river banks and beachheads, and works by adding an additional motor to the front wheel. Drivers may still switch from rear-drive to AWD although Sealegs concedes that most recreational customers won’t need the added traction. The company said reducing tyre pressure to minimum inflation (approximately 4-6psi) will provide a significant improvement in traction.

Sealegs said the option is only available on new models built from May 2010 onwards. A company press release said: "For maximum reliability, the AWD option is not able to be retro fitted to existing Sealegs boats already in the field, it is only available for new builds."

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