You ain't seen nothin' yet

There's a LOT more yet to come from the <I>TrailerBoat Australia's Greatest Boats</I> awards

You ain't seen nothin' yet
You ain't seen nothin' yet

TrailerBoat issue 260’s fibreglass fishing boat shootout went off like a five-buck bunger last month — Whooooompah! — in fact we got emails telling us it was the best issue of TrailerBoat ever. And from industry people who know what a good mag looks like.

We don’t mind that sort of mail but, believe it or not, we ain’t finished with Australia’s Greatest Boats yet. If you thought 260 was big, wait until you see 261, out September 22. In it you’ll find some of the best alloy production boats tested to the limit, the inaugural Product Of The Year award, as well as awards for the Best Budget Boat, Best Aluminium Family Boat, and Best Low Volume Production Boat.

But wait there’s still more! Once we’re done with that, issue 262 (out October 20) will have what we like to think of as "a major motion picture" — Australia’s Greatest Boats the DVD.

Featuring breathtaking helicopter footage shot over Sydney’s glorious Pittwater and enough intense close-up action to make your eyes pop out, the DVD will convey what it was like when the TrailerBoat judges puts all the X-Factor fishing boats to the ultimate torture test.

These are the dream boats every Aussie angler would love to own. So find out how we rated the best boats in the country by grabbing the next two issues — out September 22 and October 20 respectively.

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