Bar Crushers now built to CE standards

New ISO standards to affect 14 models

Bar Crushers now built to CE standards
Bar Crushers now built to CE standards

Bar Crusher turned 10 this year and, as if marking the milestone with a significant gesture, changed all its model numbers to match Certified Europe (CE) compliance requirements.

The move increases the company’s prospects of selling boats into Pacific Island markets where boatbuilding is regulated in accordance with ISO standards, or the higher still CE standard.

"Bar Crusher’s model numbers now indicate the overall length measurement in metres," said a company media release. "For example, the 500 is now the 535 (5.35m); the 640 is now the 680 and the 760 is now the 780". 14 models are affected.

Model nomenclature within the marine industry can be confusing because designation methodology varies from one manufacturer to another. The worst thing about the haphazard system is that buyers more than anyone become confused.

"Adopting the CE standard makes model identification more straight forward and avoids confusion, said Bar Crusher CEO Peter Cleland. "As well as improving our standards generally, it’s a way for us to make everything as easy as possible for our customers".

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