New standard items for Haines Group boats

Signature, Traveller and Seafarer models to come with loads of "standard" extras

New standard items for Haines Group boats
New standard item for Haines Group boats

In a little under 12 months, and after 50 years building boats, the Haines Group will include expandable closed-cell foam in all Signature, Traveller and Seafarer models, and at no extra cost. The upgrade commences in October 2011 and will continue thereafter.

Closed-cell foam, injected into "unseen air cavities" in the hull, is said to confer several advantages, including increased buoyancy and better noise suppression. A foam-filled hull has more flotation than one not filled with foam and is therefore considered safer.

A boat with all its nooks and crannies occupied with foam is also quieter in general, "and vibrates less", says the Haines Group, because foam deadens these intrusive aggravations, particularly in vessels powered by two-stroke engines.

Also on the Haines action list is a move to improve standard equipment levels on all Signature models for 2011. A Haines Group representative told TrailerBoat: "Next year we’ll be adding more of what is usually optional on our boats and making it standard equipment. The list includes a Johnson auto bilgepump; a 12V "hot plug" for iPods and similar devices; a battery isolator switch; and two Tallon accessory receivers".

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