NSW Maritime tries to stamp out jetski accidents

PWC riders to apply "behaviour stickers" and "stay straight"

NSW Maritime tries to stamp out jetski accidents
Jetski riders go home?

NSW Maritime will send a Ride Right package to 40,000 PWC (jetski) licence holders in NSW, encouraging them to ride safely and avoid anti-social behaviour.

The safety message, or "education package" as NSW Maritime likes to call it, comprises a short safety film, a new "behaviour sticker" owners must apply to their machines — that sounds ominous — and a booklet outlining safety requirements vis a vis jetskis.

The package was made with the support of the Boating Industry Association "and other stakeholders" in the hope that it will, as NSW Maritime likes to put it, "improve the culture of safe behaviour on NSW waterways". The DVD will also be available from PWC outlets and NSW Maritime offices.

But wait, there’s more. NSW Maritime officers will conduct random checks of PWCs this summer, and hand out free waterproof mobile phone pouches which come with the following safety reminders:

· Carry your PWC licence
· Wear a life jacket
· Observe restrictions zones
· Obey speed restrictions
· Stay under 10kts near people, vessels or shore; and
· Keep safe. Stay straight (whatever that means — most of us like to turn occasionally).

This whole education package is commendable but should be applied further afield. As the most conspicuous threat to our safety on the road, NSW’s lunatic P-platers would benefit from a "behaviour sticker" of their own. A big one. Right between the eyes.

Visit www.maritime.nsw.gov.au for more information.

Pic: NSW Maritime wants to reduce PWC (jetski) accidents. Educational packages apparently are the answer.

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