Qld boating incidents quantified

Maritime Safety Queensland publishes the Marine Incidents report

The more boats on the water, the more accidents are likely to happen. That seems a self-evident truth but it’s been verified in Marine Incidents in Queensland, a report prepared by Maritime Safety Queensland and tabled in the Queensland parliament by Transport Minister Rachel Nolan.

The stats prove that boating incidents worth reporting have increased from the 2005 figure of 647 to 768 in 2009. In fairness to boaties everywhere though, it’s worth pointing out that the number of accidents involving boats is matched by the rapidly growing number of boats on the water. The 2005 figure of 647 incidents was reached when there were 204,000 registered craft in Queensland. In 2009 there were 238,000 registered craft in that state.

Although accident rates have gone up, the ratio of reported incidents per 10,000 registered vessels has not risen appreciably. In 2005 the ratio was 31.6 accidents per 10,000 craft and in 2009 it was 32.1 accidents per 10,000.

In Queensland, boat owners and skippers are required to report an "incident" involving their vessel to one of the pertinent authorities within 48 hours.

Visit www.msq.qld.gov.au/Publications/Marine-incident-annual-reports.aspx
to view the report.

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