Western Australia: fancy working in a "marine environment"?

WA Department of Fisheries seeking 110 new recruits

Western Australia: fancy working in a "marine environment"?
Western Australia: fancy working in a marine environment?

Western Australia’s Department of Fisheries is advertising for new recruits to join a team of around 110 officers to carry out a range of compliance-related activities in recreational and commercial fisheries and aquaculture operations around Western Australia.

Strategic compliance manager, Tina Thorne, said FMOs played an important role in the community and, after training, the new officers could be appointed to numerous locations around the State, or as part of patrol vessel crews or recreational mobile patrol units.

"Working as an FMO is a great job for people with an affinity for the marine environment and working outdoors, who enjoy interacting with a wide range of people and want to contribute to the management of Western Australia’s valuable fisheries and aquatic environment," Thorne said.

"The FMOs help to educate and inform the public about the State’s fisheries, as well as ensure people comply with Western Australia’s fishing laws, marine safety obligations and the rules that apply in marine parks and other protected areas."

Thorne said the work involved interaction with stakeholders, industry and the community in general and, with experience, officers had the chance to carry out specialist investigative tasks, such as surveillance and intelligence operations.

"FMOs often work closely with other agencies, including WA Police and the Department of Environment and Conservation, on a range of compliance matters," she said.

"When offences of a serious nature are detected, the officers may be required to write statements and prosecution briefs and give evidence in court.

"Anyone chosen to join the team will work with and be guided by experienced FMOs, who will share their knowledge about the job.

"We help people decide if the work will suit them and their families, via a questionnaire on pre-appointment requirements that puts applicants through a self-assessment.

"The department is seeking to appoint selected people to a recruitment pool, from which appointees may undergo an intensive training program (during which they are paid), before being given the opportunity of becoming fully-authorised FMOs."

More details about this employment opportunity and the self-assessment questionnaire are available on the department’s website at www.fish.wa.gov.au. Click on the jobs link, in the sub menu on the home page. Applications close on February 7, 2011.

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