Honda unveils BF250 outboard

New “flagship” BF250 outboard launched at Miami International Boat Show

Honda unveils BF250 outboard
Honda unveils BF250 outboard
Honda has unveiled further details of what it calls its new "flagship" BF250 outboard.

Based on a large-displacement 3.6lt engine, the BF250 was unveiled at the 2011 Miami International Boat Show and is planned for local release later this year.

The engine is said to incorporate a range of features including BLAST air/fuel ratio linked ignition timing; VTEC variable valve timing and electronic control; ECOmo lean burn control; and presumably a whole bunch of other whizz-bang mouth garbling acronyms.

The BF250 will be NMEA 2000 compliant, allowing the engine to communicate with compatible marine electronics.

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