Formosa launches new models

New Mark 3 model to be based on Tomahawk hull

Formosa launches new models
Formosa launches new models

Brisbane's Formosa Marine, the company behind Classic and Tomahawk aluminium plate-boats, has launched a new look for its Formosa Classic hull range.

Dubbed the Mark 3, the new hull is based on the popular Tomahawk hull. Formosa said that while it retains marine-grade plywood floors, 4mm bottoms with longitudinal structure, and welded topdecks and cabins, it also has new standard features not previously available. Some of these include a raised sheer line; reverse chine hull; fast-back transom with storage compartment; improved deadrise; and increased beam width. The Mark 3 hull is also said to offer improved stability at rest, better storage options and greater internal volume.

Other changes include new console designs for the centre- and side-consoles and 4mm sides as standard for all 5.8 models (3mm for 4.8 to 5.5m).

The new range will be released at the Brisbane Tinnie and Tackle Show.

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