Polycraft Boats lighten the load

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New resin material dramatically reduces hull weight

Polycraft Boats lighten the load
Polycraft Boats lightens the load

Polyethylene boatbuilder Polycraft recently announced that its boats will become much lighter after the company obtained the exclusive rights for what it described as "a state-of-the-art resin" called Aquathene Max HD.

This new resin, said a Polycraft media release, "will eventually see all Polycraft boats lighter, stiffer and more durable than ever — the surface finish is also a lot smoother than the predecessors."

The 3m Polycraft Tuff Tender is the first model in the range to be manufactured using the new resin. According to Polycraft, the model’s weight dropped by 22kg to just 68kg as a result of the new process. Given that it originally weighed 90kg this reduction represents a drop of almost 25 per cent.

Polycraft began manufacturing Polyethylene boats in Australia in 1998. Polyethylene boats are remarkably tough yet and are less likely than aluminium to damage or scrape surfaces such as roof racks or fibreglass surfaces.

Call (07) 4131 3451 or visit www.polycraft.com.au for more info.


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