Mercury Verado smashes Mildura 100

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Mercury team sets new SMOC record

Mercury Verado smashes Mildura 100

Good grief! Mercury is hammering nails into the opposition. Mercury Verado took the top honours to win the SMOC class at the 2011 Mildura 100 — and in record time too.

Driver David Aggar, observer Darren Stapleton, and skiers Adam Smidt and Mason Ross, hit the line 22 seconds ahead of their rivals, in the process knocking 10 seconds off the fastest time for this class.

What’s outstanding about the performance is that two-stroke outboards have ruled the roost for some time in this division but are now being flogged by a 250cc four-stroke that leaps onto the plane and has no shortage of top-end speed.

Mercury seems very pleased about all this. And not only because the record was taken from another Mercury-powered boat. Said the company’s director of service and quality, Guy Williamson: "Again and again the Verado proves that it’s in a class of its own," — which isn’t strictly true but sounds good.

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