$1.5 million VHF safety network launched in SA

New radio safety network will stretch across coastal waters in South Australia.

$1.5 million VHF safety network launched in SA
$1.5 million VHF safety network launched in SA
South Australia’s new $1.5 million marine safety communications network will be officially switched on September 12, and will service coastal waters right across the state.

The new network, operating as Coast Radio Adelaide, will provide 24/7 VHF coverage from beyond Fowlers Bay to the west, and right across the Victorian border to the east. It comprises 14 new remote base stations which the state government says will provide coverage to all Gulf Waters and water surrounding Kangaroo Island, and will have an outreach of up to 90km.

Brian Hemming from the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) said the network is the state’s most significant improvement in marine safety.

"It will be the most robust and extensive marine safety system ever operated in South Australia," he said.

The new network will provide South Australian boaties with a 24 hour safety network, and will rely upon the work of dedicated volunteers during all daylight hours while Flinders Ports will take care of the graveyard shift.

Visit www.sa.gov.au for more information.


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