A monster road trip

ProWake Academy hits the road.

A monster road trip
A monster road trip
The Monster Tigé Tour is on again this year and with a massive line-up of stops across four states, it’s coming to a town near you.

The tour is a grass roots, travelling wakeboard clinic run by ProWake Academy on the Gold Coast. It kicked off in September and will spend the next three months winding across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia visiting both rural and urban areas.

Aimed at beginners and experienced boarders alike, ProWake says the tour gives people of all ages the opportunity to spend the day riding on their home waters behind the massive Tigé RZ2 wakeboat, using the latest gear. They’ll receive one-on-one coaching from ProWake’s resident wakeboarding scholar John Henson, who has sat at the helm of this epic tour for the last three years.

"The tour is designed to introduce people to the sport and give them a helping hand as to what it’s all about," said Henson.

"We teach them not only how to wakeboard but also how to use their boat properly and drive in a safe manner — it’s an education on all aspects of watersports, not just learning how to wakeboard,"
he said.

The tour will be documented by ProWake’s media team, which will give participants access to professional images and footage of themselves pulling off new tricks. Punters may also have the chance to ride with Team Tigé pros including Daniel Watkins, Lachie TJ Burgess and Mick Godfrey, who will join the tour at occasional stops.

Visit www.prowake.com.au for further information and dates.


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