Honda set to release new BF250 outboard

The newest member of the Honda family will be available in Australia early next year.

Honda set to release new BF250 outboard
Honda set to release new BF250 outboard
Honda has revealed details of its new BF250 outboard engine, which is scheduled for release in Australia from early 2012.

The BF250 combines a 3.6lt V6 EFI engine with a direct air induction system — a world first in an outboard engine. Honda says this new advancement will deliver improved overall performance and fuel economy.

The BF250 features an ignition timing control system that Honda says improves hole-shot performance, a fuel control system for increased economy, and variable valve timing technology (VTEC), originally developed for Formula One race cars.

Featuring a new gear reduction ratio of 2:1, the BF250 incorporates a new shifting load reduction system with an engine control unit to modify ignition timing, which Honda says will reduce engine torque and lessen the shift load required for the engine to change gear.

A new, adjustable idle charge battery system facilitates increasing consumer demand for additional onboard electrical power by automatically adjusting engine speed to raise the charging rate when an increased electrical load is detected.

The BF250 is also NMEA2000 compliant, allowing engine-to-electronics communication to compatible marine electronics systems, and is covered by Honda’s five year warranty.

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