The torture trip of a lifetime

We’re dusting off the croc-proof armour and taking long baths in 80% DEET in preparation for the Cape York Torture Test Tour at the end of the year.

The torture trip of a lifetime
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TrailerBoat set a new benchmark in readership expectations with Australia’s Greatest Boats. Now we’re pushing the bar up another notch with our latest adventure, the Cape York Torture Test Tour (TTT).

Sounds ominous we know, but it’s all good — for us anyway. The whole idea is to trailer a few cracking good boats up to Cooktown in Far North Queensland at the end of the year. Along with the boats, we’ll have a collection of the latest fishing and boating gear, lined up to be tested by our go-to-hell fishing crew. And by "tested" we mean pushed until they bleed.

We want to know what works and what doesn’t in Australia’s toughest fishing environment and that’s why this insane escapade will be ploughing the waterways of Cape York for 15 days. No-one gets out alive!

And believe it or not, in a proxie fashion anyway, you can be part of it. If you reckon you have a product that not even our ruffians can bust, get in touch with our editor Tom Prince. Let him know you’d like us to take your treasured item to Cape York to see if we can break it, and the rest is up to us.

Of course you realise that one of two things can happen here; either the thing will indeed break, or it’ll come through with flying colours and get plenty of positive publicity through the subsequent TTT feature in TrailerBoat early next year.

But wait, we haven’t finished cookin’. We’re taking a film crew with us, mainly because they’re useful and don’t drink much (but that’s another story). What it all means though is that your product not only gets plastered all over TrailerBoat but also gets to star in the DVD we’ll be making of this trip, what our publisher likes to think of as a cross between Apocalypse Now, Deliverance and the shopping channel.

Anyway, as we said, TTT goes down in November this year so if you want to get onboard you’d better hurry. And if you do come with us you won’t be the first to sign up. Rapala and Fin-Nor have already booked space. So have Towcam and national marine fuel supplier Bailey’s.

For more details of this stupendous marketing opportunity, with a bit of fun thrown in, contact Tom Prince at

Watch this space to see who’ll come back alive in this simple demonstration of Darwinism. Seriously, this one’s gonna be huge.


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