Heard of Poly Longboats?

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Check out these 6.2m poly boats from Western Australia

Heard of Poly Longboats?
Heard of Poly Longboats?

Poly Longboats Australia is a company from Western Australia that imports polyethylene boats, or rather, one such boat called the Dolphin 6.2. The old adage of "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" must apply here as the distributor doesn’t see the need (for now anyway) to distribute any other models.

The Dolphin 6.2 is modelled after traditional longboats historically used by the island people further north. Manufactured in Indonesia, they are made out of the same plastic polyethylene material as the Polycraft boats. Readers familiar with the Polycraft brand will know that the material is famous for its resistance to corrosion, impact damage, and UV radiation.

The Dolphin 6.2 is available in centre-console and tiller-steer variants. It has a 1.85m beam and is rated to 70hp. Expect to pay just over $12,000 for the hull and under $40,000 for a centre-console package with a 70hp Suzuki. Visit www.polylongboatsaustralia.com for more info.


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