A much loved little boat brings people together

The Hammond Reunion gives owners the chance to share a beer with other enthusiasts, as well as tips on how to care for these beautiful boats, which aren’t getting any younger.

A much loved little boat brings people together
A much loved little boat brings people together
Hammond boats are arguably the darling of classic Australian skiboats. In 1945 Harry Hammond made his first timber skiboat, a centre-mount by the name of Zooma, which he used to commute between the NSW Central Coast and Sydney’s Pittwater to court his future wife, Lorna. From the get go, Hammond Boats were a labour of love.

Manufacturing began in earnest after the war years at Harry’s factory in Brookvale, in Sydney’s north. Harry’s son Mark began to lend a hand in the ‘70s, and as demand grew for fibreglass boats the father-son partnership reluctantly moved away from their timber roots. While no official records were kept, it is thought that up to 170 wooden Hammonds were built, and a similar number of fibreglass.

During the ‘60s Hammond boats were referred to as the Rolls Royce of skiboats, and like Rolls Royce, they are treasured today as classics and attract a dedicated following of keen-as-beans enthusiasts.

Mark Hammond and his wife Di regularly run informal, social get-togethers for owners of Hammond boats. One such event is scheduled for Sunday, February 19 at Dargle Ski Gardens in Lower Portland, near Sydney.

The Hammonds say the day is a great opportunity to socialise with other Hammond owners, share restoration and DIY tips, and chat with Mark directly about anything and everything to do with Hammond boats.

If you’ve got a Hammond and would like to get involved, head down to 312 River Road, Lower Portland NSW with your boat in tow. Or if you fancy making a weekend of it, call Dargle Ski Gardens on (02) 4579 1291 to book accommodation and camping sites. Alternatively, visit www.hammondboats.com.au for more info.


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