May the force be with you

In last year's Australia’s Greatest Boats shootout we added a new category; watersports. This adrenalin-laced instalment of AGB 2011 simply wouldn’t have been complete without a nod of recognition to those speed-demons at Force Boats, who delivered what was arguably the fastest boat we tested in 2011.

May the force be with you
May the force be with you

Throughout the final leg of Australia’s Greatest Boats 2011
we made a point of acknowledging the various boating subgenres that fall under the category of "watersports". We prepared ourselves for this apples-and-oranges conundrum by briefing our judges to not compare the two, but rather take a bite of the apple and measure it against the rosiest Royal Gala, and vice versa. Like valiant philosophers we’d solved this dilemma and were patting ourselves on the back when, alas, in walked a banana.

The team at Force Boats make unique, highly-customised speed boats for a very specific purpose — to go bloody fast. So fast, in fact, that they often clean up at the races they regularly compete in. The recently released Force 21S is a fine example of this crop.

Just ask John Ford, who very nearly made a mess of himself when he tested the 21S earlier this year (TrailerBoat #266), the weeping willows of the upper Hawkesbury River streaming by effortlessly at a monster 70kts (130kmh).

We trembled as we pondered the logistics of putting this highly specialised bullet through its paces while simultaneously juggling six other boats, two support boats, two houseboats, three judges, 10 staff and a smattering of dread-locked wakeboarders. And even then, what would we compare it to?

Our solution was this; feature this boat here as an honourable mention and an exceptional example of, well, man’s ability to make really fast things. So here it is.


Built by Force Boats in the Hawkesbury region of Western Sydney, the 21S is a variation on the company’s well respected and multi-world championship-winning F21 model. Powered by a beastly 425hp MerCruiser that purrs like a kitten on heat, the Force 21S employs Digital Throttle and Shift Mercury (DTS) controls to whip her up to speed. Steering is through an IMCO hydraulic system complete with a silver Italian wheel that will make you feel like the Mafia’s head honcho and will probably inspire you to start gelling your hair. While it will hit 100kmh with ease, the 21S will also cruise along at 33kts (61kmh) burning 35lt/h — an efficiency that would carry its passengers over 500km on a single tank of fuel.
Not bad.

The 21S is fully carpeted and comes with quality pewter Rex Marine fittings and colour-coded, wraparound seats to hold you in place as you whip the 21S into the tight turns it thrives off. Team that with its striking white and silver exterior which seems to be inspired by some kindly mythical creature and you’ve got one impressive and very unique looking boat.

At over $120,000, the Force 21S isn’t for everyone. Rather, it’s a highly specialised boat that will also be at home with a family in search of a stylish, high-end skiboat that’ll turn the neighbours green with envy.

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