Sydney Harbour boaties urged to be careful on Australia Day

Special navigation restrictions apply for the Harbour's busiest day of the year.

Sydney Harbour boaties urged to be careful on Australia Day
Sydney Harbour boaties urged to be careful on Australia Day
NSW Maritime has advised skippers to plan ahead for their Australia Day activities on Sydney Harbour, and carefully observe special restrictions that apply for the safe running of events on the busiest day of the year.

Drawcard events such as the Ferrython ferry race will necessitate exclusion zones of 50m for safety reasons, said NSW Maritime acting general manager of maritime operations, Trevor Williams.

"During big aquatic events, NSW Maritime has the role of enforcing special event traffic management measures on the water – such as the maximum 6-knot speed limit, no wash areas and exclusion zones, marked by yellow buoys," he said.

"The sheer volume of traffic on the harbour on Australia Day requires every skipper to remember they are responsible for everyone on board and to keep a proper lookout and maintain a safe speed at all times.

"Back on the program of events this year and bound to be popular is a race between the Tall Ships — the large, classic square-rigged sailing ships — from Bradleys Head to a finish line under the Sydney Harbour Bridge."
Mr Williams said boaters should also remember to take go easy on the booze.

"The 0.05 blood alcohol limit applies to anyone in charge of a moving vessel — so go easy on the drink if you intend to drive a boat," Mr Williams said. "It’s important also to remember that wind, waves and sun can increase the effects of alcohol."

Skippers can tune in to VHF 17 for advice, updates and on-water situation reports as they happen.

Visit for all the details on navigation restrictions on Australia Day.


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