Towing safety campaign hits NSW waters

On-water prop safety advice will be delivered to NSW boaties this week.

Towing safety campaign hits NSW waters
Towing safety campaign hits NSW waters
NSW Maritime boating safety officers will be out on State waters until this Sunday, January 15, to promote towing and watersports safety.

NSW Maritime’s acting general manager, Trevor Williams, said Operation Tow Smart was designed to educate the boating community on the potential dangers associated with all towing activities on the water and how to prepare and maintain a boat safely.

"Operation Tow Smart follows several serious towing incidents in NSW over the past week," Mr Williams said.

"Boating safety officers all over NSW will be stopping boaters to raise awareness of towing and propeller strike safety as well as for safety checks," he said.

"Skippers should be particularly careful when engaged in towing activities or when near swimmers or divers — and should remember that some propellers may continue to spin even when the engine is in neutral."

Mr Williams said boat propeller injuries can be severe and life threatening. Since October 31, 2001, there have been seven fatalities and 69 permanent injuries as a result of propeller strikes.

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