Sailfish Shelf Runner now in hardtop

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6.3m Sailfish alloy cat now comes with hardtop configuration

Sailfish Shelf Runner now in hardtop
Sailfish Reef Runner now in hardtop

Alloy-cat builder Sailfish has released a hardtop version of its 6.3m Shelf Runner.

The original model was tested last year in TrailerBoat #276 and while according to Sailfish it sold exceptionally well, the market demanded a hardtop version.

"There were a significant number of fishermen who we met at boat shows who liked the boat, but really wanted a hardtop over the helm position," said Gavan Daly of Webbe Marine, the NSW-based distributor for Sailfish. "With the launch of the Sailfish Shelf Runner Hardtop, their needs have now been met, with a stylish, practical design," he said.

According to Sailfish the hardtop version is "one of the very few boats available in this size category that offers such a practical feature". "The enclosed hardtop gives the driver a commanding feel at the helm, one which is more commonly found only in a lot larger boats," said a Sailfish media release.

The Shelf Runner is designed for offshore conditions and is one of several boats in the Sailfish range, comprising cats from 6.2m to 12.0m. Expect to pay around $109,990 for a new Shelf Runner with dual Honda 90hp four-strokes. Visit for more information.


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