Greg Haines heads for Maritimo

A change of scene for Greg Haines, though the Haines Group says he will still be involved in the company that carries his namesake.

Greg Haines heads for Maritimo
Greg Haines heads for Maritimo

The Haines Group’s Greg Haines has left the family business to take up a post at none other than Maritimo. Haines, together with brother John Haines Jr, has guided the Australian boating family dynasty since they took over the helm from its founder, the late John Haines Sr.

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precise details of the move were scarce, but a release issued by The Haines Group stated Greg was taking up the position with the company’s blessings, and that he would continue to have an important involvement in The Haines Group’s future.

John Haines Jr, chairman and CEO of The Haines Group, confirmed the business’s ongoing association with Greg.

"He’s still a shareholder, he still has an office here, he will still continue to do important work for the company," he said.

"Greg and I have both worked in this business since we were teenagers. I think anyone can understand the desire for a fresh focus.

"Working with Maritimo is a perfect fit for both Greg and The Haines Group. Maritimo makes a great product, and represents no conflict to either The Haines Group business or to Greg’s ongoing role and responsibility with it," he added.

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