WA government warning on flares for boats

Western Australia’s Department of Transport cracking down on expired flares

WA government warning on flares for boats
WA government warning on flares for boats

A new campaign designed to urge skippers to check the expiry date on flares and other safety equipment before heading out on the water is underway.

The Don’t Expire campaign was recently launched by Western Australia’s Department of Transport (DoT) Coordinator Safety Education Laurie Adams, who said skippers are responsible for ensuring safety equipment is in date and well maintained.

"As part of the initiative, DoT has produced a special sticker for skippers to track expiry dates for flares, emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRB), fire extinguishers and inflatable life jackets," Adams said. "DoT is encouraging skippers to record on the sticker the expiry date for each piece of equipment and position it on their vessel for easy reference when preparing for a voyage.
"The campaign also suggests skippers set the expiry dates in their diary or on their mobile phone to remember to service or replace safety equipment."

Designed to reinforce the central marine safety message, ‘you’re the skipper, you’re responsible’, Don’t Expire stickers and brochures are available from the DoT’s Marine Safety Education Trailer, which attends metropolitan boat shows, regional events and boat ramps throughout WA.

Call 1300 863 308 or visit www.transport.wa.gov.au for more information.


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