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Folding boat entrepreneur Quickboat Holdings raises three times projected sum.


Quickboat Holdings, designer of what the company calls the world’s most advanced folding boat, has far exceeded expectations in a recent global fundraising push, raising more than three times its initial target through the Indiegogo.com crowd funding platform.

Originally setting itself a goal of $20,000 in order to finance the approval and licensing process for various international regulatory authorities, Quickboat reached that target within the first 26 hours before ultimately securing more than $65,000 from a total of 44 funders. According to the company’s president Deryck Graham, the additional funds will help bring Quickboats to more markets earlier.

"We are naturally delighted with the response we received to our Indiegogo.com campaign," Graham said. "Not only have we received financial support from funders from all over the world, including the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Brazil, Sweden and Australia, but Indiegogo also helped us to take news of the Quickboat to a dynamic audience."

The folding-boat campaign allowed funders the opportunity to fund at several different levels, from smaller donations of $10 to country-reseller rights for $6000. However, it was the "$3000 Buy a Quickboat" package that proved most popular, with 19 sold.

"So many people learned about Quickboats via Indiegogo," Graham said. "They watched the videos, visited our Quickboats.com website, and then took to social media to spread the word to friends, family and colleagues."

Visit www.quickboats.com for more information.


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