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It’s no secret we were mighty impressed by the Stabicraft 1850 Supercab. So much, in fact, that it graced the front cover of the January TrailerBoat magazine.


The Stabicraft 1850 Supercab made such an impression on our editor that he went all loopy and declared it a Stabi with sex appeal, spouting rubbish about it looking like singer Niki Minaj in full body armour. Or something.

So imagine his delight when the manufacturer served up a second instalment, except this time they’ve taken its top off. We’ve had to lock him in his office for fear of embarrassing himself, but he’s already booked in a test and it seems there’s no stopping him.

Unencumbered by the Supercab’s glasshouse, there’s 360° of fun to be had in this latest rig. The new-generation 1850 Frontier features Arrow Pontoons and a Gamechaser transom, endowing it with a fuller figure typical of the breed. It also has loads of depth and a snazzy angled console that screams functionality.

The test boat flaunts two-tone yellow pontoons with dark contrasting panels, and it’s all rather eye-catching. There’s also an optional jump seat fitted to the front.

For those who aren’t into going topless, but who just like to expose a bit more skin, there is also a Fisher version with a plunging neckline courtesy of its low-profile screen. This model features the same full figure and quality finish in a semi-runabout configuration.

When we last saw the editor he was squeezing into his Stormy Seas jacket and muttering something about a ménage à trois before grabbing his keys and running off. Stay tuned to his full (and uncensored) test in an upcoming issue.

Material: 4mm hull / 3mm pontoons
Hull Type: Arrow Pontoon centre console
Length: 5.6m
Beam: 2.4m
Max. HP: 135
Fuel: 120L
Capacity: 6

Originally published in TrailerBoat 295, May/June 2013

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