NSW government says PWCs lead the way in complaints and reported incidents (but lead when it comes to wearing lifejackets).

The NSW Government says PWCs are over-represented when it comes to complaints and incidents.

Incidents and complaints about jetskis remain higher than any other water craft, according to a 10-year review report released by Transport for NSW.

The Maritime Management Centre report details jetski (PWC) incidents, levels of compliance and feedback recorded over a 10-year period.

General Manager of the Maritime Management Centre Howard Glenn said these craft were over-represented in both complaints made and reported incidents.

"Despite PWCs only representing around for per cent of all registered recreational vessels in NSW, jetski users are contributing to more than four times that figure (17.6 per cent) when it comes to complaints made. They also represent 6.4 per cent of reported incidents," Glenn said.

"Positives from the report include the success of high lifejacket wear rates among PWC riders and improvements in compliance.

"These can be linked to recent "Ride Right" and "Take it Easy" targeted education packages supporting on-water compliance activity," Glenn said.

Glenn said the proportion of boating complaints attributed to PWC has fallen over the period but overall it is still too high.

"Efforts in regulation, education and compliance relating to the use of these craft are working but the hard work in promoting safe and responsible behaviour on the water must continue," Glenn said.

Glenn said in NSW, there are 42,000 people who have a PWC licence compared with more than 470,000 people with a general boating licence.

"The majority of PWC riders do the right thing, but some riders either ignore or disobey the rules for safe and responsible use of these craft," Glenn said.

The report shows that in the 10 years between 30 June 2002 and 30 June 2012 there were 167 PWC related incidents, which resulted in five fatalities and 59 people seriously injured.

You can download the report here.


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