Wing Style Coamings for Stabicraft 1410 fishing boat

Wing Style Coamings for Stabicraft 1410 fishing boat
The new Wing Style Coamings on the Stabicraft 1410 are 65mm higher than current coamings. The result is better spray deflection, more seating area and improved safety.

Stabicraft boats has announced that the popular Stabicraft 1410 aluminium fishing boat range is now available with WSC Wing Style Coamings.

Wing Style Coamings were previously a design feature on larger Stabicraft boats like the 1850 and 2050 Supercab. According to Stabicraft, the new coamings now "provide the boats with additional safety, storage and seating as well as exceptional value as the company’s most cost effective small boat range."

The Wing Style Coaming on the Stabicraft 1410 is intended to increase greater seating area while also deflecting spray. The coamings are 65mm higher than current Stabicraft coamings. Being higher up, says Stabicraft, storage spaces is also increased.

The Stabicraft 1410 is one of three aluminium fishing boats in the 1410 range. It can be powered by a tiller-steered 20hp outboard motor, while the 1410 Fisher and 1410 Frontier models can comfortably take 30-40hp outboard engines.

All Stabicraft 1410 boats are made from the same 4.3m hull and have positive buoyancy (floatation) in the form of 687 litres of sealed air.

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