Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab amphibious vehicle

Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab on the water Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab on the water
Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab launching on a beach Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab launching on a beach

This Stabicraft amphibious boat recently made its Australian debut.

Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab amphibious vehicle
Stabicraft amphibious vehicle: the Sealegs / Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab.

A collaboration between Stabicraft boats and Sealegs International sees the two companies developing amphibious vehicles by merging a Stabicraft pontoon cabin boat and Sealegs motorised retractable wheels.

Mounted onto the orange Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab, the wheels on this amphibious vehicle combination provide on-land speed of up to 7kmh (forward and reverse), powered by an on-board 22hp Honda hydraulic power pack.

Once your amphibious boat is floating, the Sealegs wheels are retracted to the ‘up’ position and are completely out of the water.

Drive back up the beach at the end of the day and the Stabicraft can be lowered until the hull is touching the ground, allowing for easy access on and off the boat.

This package will hold wide appeal to anglers and explorers keen on voyaging to remote regions like Cape York or the Kimberley, where this unique boat can provide access to shallow tidal waters or venture ashore across the mudflats to set up camp for extended periods.

Sealegs co-founder David McKee Wright said he was pleased to see Sealegs partner with another leading boat builder.

"Sealegs’ technology has been proven in the broader marine market, with Sealegs amphibious craft operating successfully in more than 40 countries around the world," he said. "We’ve proven ourselves robust and reliable on 1000 craft now and the technology is mature enough to be added to craft built by other boat builders."

The 2100 ST Supercab is powered by a Yamaha 200hp four-stroke outboard motor, capable of 37kts at WOT, with a working cruise of around 24kts at 4000rpm.

This gives a range of around 130nm, although those venturing to the far reaches of Oz will likely load a few fuel drums onto the back deck, too.

Inside the cab, there’s a generous vee-berth complemented by underseat storage and four fishos can comfortably work the wide aft cockpit together.

The Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab amphibious boat made its debut at the 2015 Mandurah Boat Show. Watch out for more info


Stabicraft amphibious boat specs

Stabicraft 2100 ST Supercab

TYPE Amphibious vehicle pontoon boat

MATERIAL Aluminium

LENGTH 7.75m (wheels up)

BEAM 2.3m


DRY WEIGHT 1890kg approx

FUEL 200lt

REC. HP 200


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