Baz's blog: Stunning test site + win a great toy + digital dramas

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Baz's blog: Stunning test site + win a great toy + digital dramas
Baz's blog: Stunning test site + win a great toy + digital dramas
No time for slacking off around here, let me tell you. We’ve been up to our armpits in alligators. Getting the Australia’s Greatest Boat extravaganza up and running has taken a huge organisational effort, with everyone at TB doing their bit to make it run smoothly.

One thing we’re very choofed about is our decision to stage the event (a giant comparison test) on Sydney’s Pittwater. A few of us spent a day last week scoping the place out so we’d have a clear idea of how this 10-boat extravaganza would actually work.

Boy, what a place Pittwater is. Just beautiful! And to top it off we found Currawong Beach, with a wharf at one end and a large grassed area behind it where we can set up our HQ for two days testing. If there’s a prettier place on Pittwater, we couldn’t find it.

Another thing we’re happy with is the manufacturers’ response to the Australia’s Greatest Boat contest. We’re kinda taking the bull by the horns with this thing but, to a man, the 10 finalists were keen to turn up and show us again what their boats can do. This really is turning out to be a shootout between the best of the best.


As a TB reader you probably know about our Coastryder giveaway. That promotional effort has been steaming along nicely too. We had the Coastryder at the Sanctuary Boat Show in May and the hull practically filled with fresh entries. So far we’ve received more than 10,000. For most of us, I guess the chance to win this E–TEC powered Coastryder, and all the cool gear that comes with it, is just too much temptation to resist.


Seems our editorial in issue #257 about the dubious ‘joys’ of the digital age rang a few bells with readers. I overheard a couple of old fishos discussing the many quirks of software/hardware the other day. Like me they were confused by a lot of it. And like me they’d devised their own strategy for dealing with the alien language and its obscure bulletins.

"I got a message the other day telling me a major catastrophe had occurred in /Microsoft/Framework/v3.0" said one fisho to the other. "Dunno what it means but."

"Yeah, I know what you mean", said his mate. "I got one the other day telling me that if I didn’t immediately download the latest update for an Adobe plug-in the world would end. It didn’t tell me how to download this thingie though".

"So what’d you do?"

"I went fishin’".

I can see why. And I think I’ll go fishing with ’em.


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