Baz's Blog: Australia's Greatest Boat

Our biggest-ever test

Baz's Blog: Australia's Greatest Boat
Baz's Blog: Australia's Greatest Boat


And where would you expect to see it? Yeah, in TrailerBoat, where else?

That’s right folks, the inaugural Australia’s Greatest Boats awards happens in a week's time on Pittwater, and we’ll be bringing you all the action, arguments, fist-fights and head-to-head confrontations from the trailer boat industry’s Main Event.

Not that we expect disharmony or anything, but when you put five boats and five opinionated judges together you’re bound to generate strong feelings. And that’s exactly what we want. No-one has done this before, or not with Australia’s best fishing boats at any rate, so you can look forward to plenty of good reading
- and a clear winner at the end of it.

No pussy-footing around with this one I can tell you. Putting this shootout together took an army of organisers, 10 million emails, and more meetings than Global Warming conference, but it’s all set to go now and we can’t wait to get stuck into it. By the end of July we’ll have torture tested the best boats in Australia in ever category that matters.

When will you see this colossal effort in print? Part One, the Fibreglass Fishing Boats shootout - and awards for a bunch of support categories – will hit the stands in issue #260 on August 25. Parts Two, Aluminium Fishing Boats, again with an impressive list of support stars – will follow in issue #261 on September 22.

Look out for it. If you miss this one you’ll be sorry as it surely is the ultimate showcase of Aussie boat building talent.

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