Baz's Blog: Australia's Greatest Boats day 2

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Our mega comparo draws to an end

Baz's Blog: Australia's Greatest Boats day 2
Baz's Blog: Australia's Greatest Boats day 2


Just when things couldn’t get better, they did, when day two of Australia’s Greatest Boats threw up some of the toughest aluminium fishing boats you can buy.

We made the most of the opportunity too, and in swells that had increased overnight. The boats were tested, no doubt about that, with the intention of finding out which of these AGB finalists had the goods. Or not.

If anything, there was more variation than we found in the fibreglass craft tested a day earlier. The range was wider too, encompassing everything from the tight and agile to the battle cruiser. Yep, we had it all.

It was obvious that there’s a lot separating these fishing boats, not just in price and performance but in how they well they do the job for which they were designed.

Are they as good as the manufacturers claim? That’s what we wanted to know. Who won? We can’t tell. Or not right now anyway. But you can read all about our AGB epic in issues 260 and 261 of TrailerBoat, due out in late August and September this year.

There you’ll find plenty of info on how the boats stacked up, plus spectacular photographs captured from chase boats and a very low flying helicopter.

This is The Biggie folks, so don’t miss out!

Look for a new video later tonight at


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