Baz's Blog: Australia's Greatest Boats - live!

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Day one of the extravaganza is signed off

Baz's Blog: Australia's Greatest Boats - live!
Baz's Blog: Australia's Greatest Boats - live!


Well, folks, we’ve just dropped the curtain on day one of the Australia’s Greatest Boats Awards, staged at Pittwater in Sydney. I can tell you right off the bat that picking one winner from five terrific fiberglass fishing boats is definitely not easy. Matter of fact, after flogging these boats to within an inch of their waterlines all day, the boys need 10 minutes off.

But they won’t be getting it. It’s five down and five to go.

It’s been a massive project, with five judges, hot and cold running assistants, a helicopter, video crews, photographers, you name it…

Tomorrow, stage two of Australia’s Greatest Boats kicks off, at a similarly ungodly hour, with what we reckon are the five best aluminium fishing boats you can buy.

And no we can’t tell you the results, yet. They’ll be announced over two issues, starting with number 261, out on August 25.

In the meantime, have a look at our quick video of today’s events via our YouTube site

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