Video: 9 classic Haines Hunters

See 9 of the best Haines Hunter boats ever made. Join John Willis for a day on the water with some very proud classic boat owners.

Classic Haines Hunter boats are some of the best known and most loved trailerboats ever released on the Australian market. Indeed, used Haines Hunter hulls are some of the most desired boats on the second hand market, often fetching formidable prices.

With so much history behind one boat brand, there are of course thousands upon thousands of these boats still floating — and still fishing — our waters.

We thought we’d take a walk down memory lane and invite the owners of some classic Haines Hunters to join us for a wonderful day of on-water fun. They came out in droves. Enjoy these 9 classic Haines boats.



Unpainted Haines V19 hull
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Haines Hunter boat

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