By: Angelo San Giorgio

Why does TrailerBoat editor Angelo San Giorgio look suspiciously like Chopper Read? And what's that we hear about wakeboards?

In a recent fit of insanity — yep, another one — I decided it would be fun to sprout a mo and raise a bit of coin for a good cause. That was two weeks ago, and by the time the mag hits the shelf I reckon I’ll be the proud owner of one bad-arse scrap catcher.

So what has that got to do with anything? Well, to be honest, I’ve been going through a bit of a change lately, and haven’t quite been feeling myself. I’ve seen a councillor and even had a private consultation with the local priest. I’m starting to have strange yearnings, emotions I’ve never felt before. I’m trying to fight it, but the temptation just seems to be getting the better of me. My wife even caught me on a chat room the other day, now she’s suspicious, too. I think…I feel…

I might be…a wakeboarder.

There, I’ve said it. And now that it’s out there, I’m starting to feel a bit better about things. I don’t know where this has come from, and I’m uncertain whether I should act on my feelings, but they’re just so strong. It’s always been rods and reels for me. I don’t recall any lustful feelings for boards or bindings or ropes, but now…

In a desperate effort to resolve my situation, I’ve revisited a list I wrote in jest some time ago. Maybe the writing was on the wall a long time ago (right).

It’s amazing the influence flashy wake machines packing 1000hp between them can have on a person. Flick across to AGB Watersports in TrailerBoat #289 (last month's issue) to see what made me turn.

I’m still tempted to give it a go to see whether I really am going over to the dark side. I’m still packing the rods, though.

The fishing/wakeboarding translator





The distance between the rider
and the water

The stuff fish
can’t breathe


Falling, intentionally or otherwise

Essential part of a spinning reel


To "bone out" means to straighten
your leg all the
way out

The net result of taking off the fillets


The act of touching your board
on an obstacle
or buoy

The reward from the missus for bringing home
the fillets

Butt Check

When a rider slaps their butt
on the water when landing

What some people (not me, of course)
do when a girl walks by


A term used for smooth water

A slice of bread’s best friend


Putting your front and back bindings
at even angles

What you do when your uncoordinated mate is casting

Fat Sack

A water-filled bag also known as ballast


Goofy Foot

Boarders who ride with their right foot forward

An appendage attached to
Goofy’s leg


A slippery substance to
help get in
to bindings

A slippery substance to help in sticky situations

Perfect Pass

Add-on to boats to help maintain a
consistent speed

An A+


The "pop" generated when you release
from the wake

The old fart that comes fishing with us


The end of the board farthest from the boat when riding

A fish’s outboard motor


When a rider can no longer hold on to the rope and falls

What a frisky Mako does to the inside
of your boat


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