Kawasaki Jet Skis of Australia

Beginning in 1878 as a boatyard to build ocean-going steel ships, Kawasaki has grown from its humble beginnings to become a global corporation offering innovative industrial and consumer machinery and engineering.

Kawasaki Jet Skis of Australia
Kawasaki Jet Skis of Australia

The  marine technology giant has become recognised as a  producer of revolutionary marine products including Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) carriers, high-speed ships and synonymous with summer fun and adventure, the now ubiquitous  Jet Ski.

What Is A Jet Ski ( PWC)

Utilising technology from motocross, aeronautics and the marine industry, Jet Skis were introduced in 1973 to become the world -wide leader in personal watercraft (PWC).

PWC's are small, fast, motorised watercraft operated using pivoting hand poles by a rider sitting, standing, or kneeling on the vessel. Affordable and fairly easy to use, the Kawasaki Jet Ski Watercraft range are hugely popular on lake or ocean waterways across Australia and especially popular for commercial hire during the Summer months.

Although a relatively simple vessel to learn to operate, Jet Ski collisions with objects often caused by carelessness, overconfidence and inexperience result in significant injuries to riders.

Safety Guidelines For Jet Ski Users

To operate them safely and responsibly, follow these guidelines when using your Jet Ski or supervising other riders.
Keep your distance - at high speed, collisions can be very dangerous.
Obey the speed and age restrictions - check all local waterway signage
Always wear a life jacket - it's legally required
Ensure you can swim to survive
Noise can annoy - be mindful of other beach goers or residents
Avoid alcohol - be sensible, don't drink and drive
Understand your boating bylaws - there may be local restrictions for Jet Skis. If unsure, see the Department of Transport for more marine information.

Remember your Jet Ski (or PWC) must be registered - Australian law recognises it as a powerboat. So while out on the water enjoying your Jet Ski , stay safe this Summer and abide by the waterway boating rules.


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