The ultimate Cruise Craft guide

Check out the Trade-a-Boat guide to Cruise Craft boats. See all our historical boat reviews, videos, plus our guide to the best used Cruise Craft boats on the market.



Classic Cruise Craft boat 

History of Cruise Craft boats

See how the company started by the Nichols brothers in 1946 with 10£ to their name grew into one of Australia's most popular fibreglass boat brands.

You can also follow the history on our Cruise Craft timeline.

Cruise Craft boat review

Cruise Craft reviews

Browse the Trade-a-Boat and TrailerBoat archives of previously-published Cruise Craft boat reviews. We've been testing boats for years and present them here, free for you to view.

Used Cruise Craft boat

Guide to used Cruise Craft boats

So many classic Cruise Craft boats have been made over the years. Here is our guide to the most sought after used Cruise Craft boats on the market today.

New Cruise Craft boat

Guide to new Cruise Craft boats

Looking for a new Cruise Craft boat? Let Trade-A-Boat help you. We report on every new Cruise Craft boat model currently available.

Cruise Craft boat 

List of all Cruise Craft boats ever made

See this list of all Cruise Craft boats ever built. If you’ve wondered when a particular model was made or when they stopped making it, this is a good place to start.


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