Anglers warned against fishing during river closures

Anglers risk hefty fines for fishing in closed sections of the Murray river

On the spot fines instead of warnings will be given to anglers caught illegally fishing in permanent fishing closures on the Murray River and Lake Victoria, said Industry and Investment (I&I) NSW Fisheries Compliance Manager, Glenn Tritton.

"With the Murray cod three month seasonal closure approaching on August 31 and the weather warming up, anglers are now trying their luck at catching golden perch," Mr Tritton said.

"But there are many fishing closures in place to protect large aggregations of native fish and to keep the public away from these structures for safety reasons.

"This week six anglers were each issued with $500 penalty notices after allegedly fishing in the closure at the Lake Victoria Inlet regulator on the Frenchman Creek west of Wentworth.

"Multiple signs advising of the closures have been installed at each location, so if you’re doing the wrong thing, you will be issued with an on the spot fine of $500."

The closures are in place above and below weirs 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 15 on the Murray River, as well as the Lake Victoria inlet regulator on the Frenchman Creek and the Lake Victoria outlet regulator on the Rufus River.

The waters between the weir or regulator downstream to the line of yellow buoys extending across the waterway are closed to all forms of fishing all year round.

"I&I NSW Fisheries officers will continue regular and targeted patrols of the fishing closures at weirs and regulators," said Tritton.

"Penalty notices for non-compliance start at $500. However, the maximum penalty a court may impose on an individual for fishing in closed waters is $22,000 and or six months jail."

Anyone with information relating to a fisheries offence should contact their local fisheries office.


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