ECOLOGY - Billabong Creek road crossing becomes fish-friendly

Native fish passage and movement improved through Bringing Back the Fish project

ECOLOGY - Billabong Creek road crossing becomes fish-friendly
ECOLOGY - Billabong Creek road crossing becomes fish-friendly

A road crossing on the Billabong Creek east of Culcairn in southern NSW has become fish-friendly, thanks to a project designed to improve the passage and movement of native fish throughout the State’s river systems.

The works are part of the Bringing Back the Fish project, funded by the Southern Rivers Catchment Management Authority, to improve native fish populations and biodiversity of river systems across inland NSW.

"The newly completed crossing allows native fish to access 117km of aquatic habitat within the Billabong Creek," conservation manager with Industry & Investment NSW (I&I), Nathan Reynoldson said.

"The original pipe culvert had created high water velocities, sediment and debris blockages, an artificial stream bed and inadequate lighting that restricted the passage of native fish.

"Native fish need to move through different habitats as part of their life cycle and by modifying this structure we have reinstated the opportunity for native fish to migrate for spawning, search of food and seeking shelter," said Reynoldson.

The project was run in conjunction with a wider project implemented by the Murray Catchment Management Authority that assessed and prioritised the barriers to fish passage in the Murray Catchment.

Reynoldson said I&I NSW had worked with a local landholder and the community to upgrade the crossing and to ensure that important fish migrations could occur to improve native fish populations.

Photo: The fish-friendly bridge at Billabong Creek, Culcairn, NSW.


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